List of My Blogs Written in September 2023

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1.[ERROR: flutter/runtime/] Unhandled Exception: type ‘List’ is not a subtype of type ‘FutureOr’
2.Your app currently targets API level 31 and must target at least API level 33 to ensure it is built on the latest APIs
3.Form Validation in Flutter
4.Your app targets Android 13 (API 33) or above. You must declare the use of advertising ID in Play Console.
5.How to Check if an application is on its first run or One time Intro Screen with Flutter.
6.[SOLVED] Unhandled Exception: Navigator operation requested with a context that does not include a Navigator.
7.How to Make Navigation from One Screen to Other in Flutter.
8.Most Popular YouTube Channel for Software Engineers DevOps, SRE, DevSecOps, AIOps, MLOps … ‘FREE Tutorials’
9.Flutter Run Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK] Requires newer sdk version #33 (current version is #30)
10.Flutter Error – Project require a newer version of kotlin Gradle plugin
11.Your project requires a newer version of the Kotlin Gradle plugin. (Android Studio)
12.“Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed” with phpMyAdmin in XAMPP
Other blogs are deleted from the database due to some issue that’s why I am not able to show my blogs here
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