What’s New in Laravel 10: A comprehensive guide to the latest features and updates.

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The most recent version of the well-liked PHP framework, Laravel 10, has a number of innovative features that improve the development process. This blog will explore these new features and provide useful examples to assist you in successfully incorporating them into your projects.

1.Enhanced Routing Efficiency:The routeing performance is greatly improved by Laravel 10. This is how route caching can be put into practice:

2.Eloquent ORM Upgrades: The ORM has been enhanced with strong subquery functionality. Below is an illustration of how to use subqueries in Eloquent:

3.Advanced Testing Tools: Laravel 10’s new testing tools improve your ability to create and manage tests. Using the new assertModelExists as an example

4.Queue Improvements: Job chaining and sophisticated error management are now features of the queuing system:

5.First-Class Tailwind CSS Support: Integrating Tailwind CSS is streamlined with built-in configuration tools.

6.Blade Component Enhancements: Laravel 10 offers easier to handle and more dynamic blade components.

7. Simplified Dependency Injection: Laravel 10 simplifies dependency injection, making controllers cleaner:

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