ERROR: Target class [PassportAPI\ContactManagementController] does not exist. {“exception”:”[object]

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ERROR: Target class [PassportAPI\ContactManagementController] does not exist. {"exception":"[object] (Illuminate\\Contracts\\Container\\BindingResolutionException(code: 0): Target class [PassportAPI\\ContactManagementController] does not exist. at /opt/lampp/htdocs/myhospitalnow/mhn-core-ms/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Container/Container.php:914)


Step 1: Namespace in Controller File:

Make sure the directory structure in your ContactManagementController.php file corresponds to the namespace declaration at the beginning of the code. The appropriate namespace ought to be:

namespace App\Http\Controllers\PassportAPI;

Step 2:

Composer Dump-Autoload: Run the following command again to make sure Composer’s autoloader is up to date:

composer dump-autoload

Step 3:

Check File Location: Confirm that the ContactManagementController.php file is located in the app/Http/Controllers/PassportAPI/ directory.

Step 4 :

Check Namespace in Route: Confirm that the namespace used in the route definition matches the actual namespace:

Route::post('storeContactUs', [PassportAPI\ContactManagementController::class, 'storeContactData'])->name('storeContactUs');

Step 5:

File Name Case Sensitivity: Ensure that the file name is case-sensitive and matches the class name exactly. For example, if the class name is, the file should be ContactManagementController.php.

Step 6:

Namespace in Web.php File: Confirm that your route is declared in the correct web.php file, and the namespace is correct:

use App\Http\Controllers\PassportAPI\ContactManagementController;

Route::post('storeContactUs', [ContactManagementController::class, 'storeContactData'])->name('storeContactUs');
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