How to extend or make a custom PasswordBroker sendResetLink() method in Laravel 10?

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In Laravel, the PasswordBroker class is responsible for handling password reset functionality. If you want to extend or customize the sendResetLink() method, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a Custom PasswordBroker:

Make a new class that extends the PasswordBroker class in Illuminate\Auth\Passwords. You can accomplish this by adding a new PHP file, such as CustomPasswordBroker.php, to your project.

Step 2. Override the sendResetLink() Method:

Override the sendResetLink() method in your custom class. You can add your custom logic here.

Step 3. Register the Custom PasswordBroker:

In your AppServiceProvider or any service provider, bind your custom PasswordBroker implementation to Laravel’s service container.

Step 4. Update Configuration:

Update your config/auth.php file to use your custom PasswordBroker implementation.

You can choose to utilise the custom PasswordBroker you defined by adding the optional ‘use_custom_broker’ => true line.

At this point, Laravel ought to handle password reset functionality using your own PasswordBroker. The sendResetLink() function of your CustomPasswordBroker class allows you to implement custom logic.

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