How to install and Configure XAMPP on WSL?

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What is WSL ?

Windows Subsystem for Linux is referred to as WSL. Without the requirement for virtualization or dual-booting, you can run a Linux distribution directly on a Windows computer thanks to a compatibility layer in Windows.

How to Install and Configure?

Open ubuntu

Step 1: Open Ubuntu on your local

mkdir docker_learning

Step 2: Donwnload Xampp

Step 3 : Run the below given command


Step 4 : Run below code for permission

sudo -s

Step 5: Run: below code -> (This will give the executable permission to the installer file that you downloaded in step 2)

chmod 755

Step 6 : Run: below command (This will start the installation)

sudo ./

Step 7: Run/ Start XAMPP server

sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

Step 8 : 7. Lets set password for access the phpmyadmin

sudo /opt/lampp/xampp security

Step 9 : 8. Restart XAMPP: 

sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart

Step 10 : Let’s access phpmyadmin again and see if it is asking for the password:

Now access the phpmyadmin

I hope you find this installation method useful

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