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How To Install Redis On Windows

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Step 1: Open your browser and search for Redis

Step 2: Click download button in here

Step 3: click here Windows

Step 4: After that click hare

Step 5: Click here to download

Step 6: After that Extract all fiel here

Step 5: Double click redis server start here

This is my port and PID

Step 6: After that run redis CLI

This is server and client

Step 7: type client command Ping get massage PONG miss client running fine.

Step 8: set key value in client

key= name and value = dharmu get response ok miss all key and value set

After that get name response value miss every is working fine

We are able to connect to redis server.

Step 9 : We need to set environment variable. So late’s setup

Right click on this PC and go to properties and open properties and click Advaced system settings and open just click Environment Variables after open path got just double click on this here and just click new environment variables for your Redis folder here is redis-cli and redis server jsut go to copy path and just credit new variables them I will past ok

Step 10: Now open command line

Step 11: The redis server run for command pro run this command redis-server

After that connect redis-cli connect to server client

Once again set key value

Key= number and value = 50

Now get number

This is command pro server and client on redis

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