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Errors during package management and autoloading are not unusual in the world of Laravel development. These failures can be caused by PSR-4 autoloading standards problems or by incorrect Composer directives.

Error 1: Incorrect Composer Command

When trying to uninstall the Laravel Telescope package, you made a mistaken Composer command. This is the first error you encountered. The error message informs you that your composer.json file does not need the package “vendor/telescope.” Here’s how you can fix this:


  1. Use the correct Composer command to remove the package:
composer remove laravel/telescope

Error 2: PSR-4 Autoloading Standard Issue

The second error relates to a file naming issue with the app/Models directory, specifically a PSR-4 autoloading standard violation. The class App\Models\Service, found in app/Models/Service_old.php, is not compliant with the PSR-4 autoloading standard, according to the error notice.


Change the name of the file Service_old.php in the app/Models directory to Service.php. Move or rename the file if it shares the same name with another file to prevent conflicts.

Extra Actions:

To optimise autoloading and erase cache, try executing the following commands if the package finding problem continues:

composer clear-cache
composer dump-autoload
php artisan optimize:clear

You should be able to fix the problems that you’ve experienced and guarantee that package management and autoloading in your Laravel application run smoothly by adhering to these solutions and further instructions. To prevent such problems in the future, don’t forget to double-check your Composer commands and follow PSR-4 autoloading guidelines.

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