Tips to Boost the Performance of Your Apache

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What is Apache?

The Apache HTTPD Server has been one of the top three web servers on the internet for over 25 years, or practically since its launch. On all seven continents, it has been offering vital hosting services to hundreds of millions of websites for millions of businesses. It is highly probable that your organisation is utilising it for some function unless your leadership has intentionally chosen not to use it.

The foundational project of the Apache Foundation, which provides support for numerous widely used open-source projects, is the Apache HTTPD Server. In many technical circles, it’s known as Apache, even though its official name is “HTTPD Server.”

Since OS level 2, Apache, a modest core system, has allowed for the flexibility to change how it handles request processing and to host static webpages. It makes use of Multi-Processing Modules (MPM), which are operating system-specific (mpm_netware or mpm_winnt). For Unix/Linux, these serve as a highly-tuned thread-based system or implement pre-forking to maximise performance (worker or event).

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