how to upload image in flutter with laravel store api

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You must take various steps, such as setting up the Laravel API endpoint and putting the Flutter code for image uploading into practise, in order to upload an image from a Flutter app to a Laravel API for storage. Here is a basic how-to tutorial for doing this:

Step 1: Implement the Image Upload dart page:

In your Flutter code, you can use the http package to send a POST request to your Laravel API for image uploading. Here’s a basic example:

Step 2 : Use the http Package:

Make sure you have the http package included in your Flutter project. You can add it to your pubspec.yaml file:

Step 3 : Set Up auth_services.dart

Step 4: Create an API Route:

Define a route that maps to the controller method that will handle the image upload. For example, in your routes/api.php file, you can add:

Step 5: Create a Controller:

Create a controller (DoctorController) with a method to handle image uploads. In this method, you’ll handle storing the image. You can use Laravel’s store method to save the image to a local or cloud disk.


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