Updating Laravel TrustProxies Middleware after Framework Version Upgrade

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It’s crucial to take care of modifications in middleware configurations when updating Laravel from version 5.7 to version 10 in order to guarantee your application runs well. the problem with the TrustProxies middleware and offer a fix to update the code so that it is compatible with Laravel 10.

Changes in the framework may make the current TrustProxies middleware incompatible after updating to Laravel 10. Configuring trustworthy proxies and headers is the responsibility of the middleware; Laravel 10 makes changes to this process.

The OldTrustProxies.php:

The Resolution: You need to make the following adjustments to fix this problem and enable Laravel 10 compatibility with the TrustProxies middleware:

Additionally, ensure that you have the latest version of the fideloper/proxy package installed by running:

composer require fideloper/proxy

When updating Laravel versions, updating middleware setups is an essential step. You can guarantee that your application is still compatible with Laravel 10 and maintain stability by making the required changes to the TrustProxies middleware.

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