Android | Creating a Splash Screen

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Typically, an app’s splash screen is the initial screen that appears when it is opened. It is a static screen that shows up for a certain period of time and usually appears when the app is launched for the first time. Just before the app runs fully, the splash screen is used to provide some basic introductory information, such as the company logo, content, etc.

Creating Splash screen using handler in Android

Here, we produced two tasks. To transition from MainActivity to SecondActivity, MainActivity displays the splash screen and SecondActivity. MainActivity is where the main programme is written, however you can modify it to suit your needs.

  • To remove the ActionBar, you need to make following changes in your styles.xml file.
style name="AppTheme" parent="Theme.AppCompat.Light.NoActionBar"
  • Use colors which is suitable for your application.
  • No need to make any changes in your manifest file.


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