How to Change the Default Icon of Android App?

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The default icon of the app can be modified if you wish to get it published in shops like the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, etc., or if you just want to customise it.

Using Android Studio itself, we may modify the Android app’s icon by doing the actions listed below:

Step 1: Create Android Studio Project

Verify that your project is an Android project by opening it in Android Studio. Choose Android from the drop-down menu if it isn’t already. Although it is not required, doing this will facilitate finding the essential files and directories.

Step 2: Now click on the App Directory

Click on the res folder then the mipmap folder.

Step 3: Make sure that the Image of the Icon is already Present on the Computer.

Determine the image’s path. This is where the gfgLogo file is located in our Downloads folder. We can search Flaticon or for icons if we are unable to create one or find one for our app. It is important to acknowledge that the former contains symbols created by other designers, thus while utilising it, we must give them credit.

Step 4: Import Image Asset

After our icon is in the desired spot and we are aware of the path, right-click the mipmap directory, select New, and then select Image Asset from the drop-down menu. The steps would be as follows: Right-click mipmap > New > Image Asset

Step 5: Now the following window will open once we click on Image Asset

Step 6: Resizing the Image Icon

If necessary, the picture can be adjusted by selecting the Resize option. Alternatively, you can click to the Background Layer option to alter the colour of our logo. When all the necessary adjustments have been done, we will click Next, Finish, and the app’s icon will change!

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