Error with Permissions-Policy header: Unrecognized feature: ‘ch-ua-form-factor in flutter

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This header is a component of the Permissions Policy, an online standard for managing how powerful features like camera access and geolocation are used by browsers.

Here are some methods you can try to fix this issue:

Update Server Response:

Speak with the team in charge of the server or the server administrator, and request that they modify the Permissions-Policy header in order to eliminate the unidentified functionality. The header could have the following design:

Permissions-Policy: ch-ua-form-factor 'none';

The problem might be fixed by changing or removing this header.

Browser Compatibility:

Verify whether the WebView in your mobile app or the browser you are using support the ch-ua-form-factor capability. It’s possible that the WebView version or browser you’re using does not support the feature.

Browser Console Logs:

Examine the WebView logs or the browser console for any more error messages or warnings. They could offer further details regarding the problem and possible fixes.

The simplest solution to this issue is to change the server response if you have access to the server configuration. If not, you might need to think of other strategies or ask the website administrator for help.

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