How to Enable File Upload in Android Webview App Webview Development Website to App Convert in dart

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1. Add Dependencies:

Make sure your pubspec.yaml file contains the required requirements. You can use the webview_flutter package to handle WebView:

Run flutter pub get to fetch the dependencies.

2. Update AndroidManifest.xml:

Make sure your AndroidManifest.xml includes the necessary permissions for internet access:

3. Enable File Upload in WebView:

Set up the WebView in your Flutter/Dart code so that file uploads are permitted. To do this, you must configure the WebView settings and set the onWebViewCreated callback:

The placeholder method _androidFilePicker in the code above is where you should add the logic to show a file picker and return the path or URI of the selected file. Note: Depending on your particular use case, you might need to handle file uploads for iOS in a different way.

4. Handle File Upload in Your Web Page:

Make sure the HTML and JavaScript code on your website is appropriate for handling file uploads. To control the file selection and upload procedure, use the element and associated JavaScript functions.

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