How to filter profiles based on JSON-decoded data in Laravel

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In Laravel, you may filter profiles using JSON-decoded data by doing the following steps:

1. Describe your model:

If you don’t already have a model file, make one now, assuming you have a model called Profile:

php artisan make:model Profile

If you’re using an older version of Laravel, this will produce a file in the app/Models directory (or app directory).

2. Store JSON Data in Database:

Assuming your JSON data is kept in a database, confirm that a column in the profiles table has been designated for storing the JSON data.

Run the migration:

php artisan migrate

3. Retrieve and Filter Profiles:

Retrieve the profiles and apply the JSON-decoded data filter to them in your controller or anywhere else you need to filter profiles.

This example assumes that your JSON data has a structure like:

    "key": "value"

Adjust the json_data->key based on your actual JSON structure.

3. Display Filtered Profiles:

In your view file (profiles.index.blade.php), loop through the filtered profiles and display them:

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