Laravel Application Troubleshooting Advance Guide

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In a Laravel application, troubleshooting entails locating and fixing problems that might come up during development or deployment. An intermediate tutorial covering typical troubleshooting situations in a Laravel application may be found below:

1. Check Laravel Logs:

  • Laravel logs errors and exceptions in the storage/logs directory.
  • View the logs to identify any issues: storage/logs/laravel.log.
cat storage/logs/laravel.log

2. Debugging:

  • Use dd() or dump() functions for quick debugging.
  • Utilize Laravel’s debugbar package for a more detailed debug view.

3. Database Issues:

  • Ensure database credentials are correct in .env file.
  • Run migrations: php artisan migrate.
php artisan migrate
  • Check for database-related errors in Laravel logs.
cat storage/logs/laravel.log | grep "database"

4. Composer:

  • Run composer install to install/update dependencies.
composer install
  • Check for any package-related issues in the composer.json file.

5. Caching:

  • Clear the application cache: php artisan cache:clear.
  • Clear the configuration cache: php artisan config:clear.

6. Environment Configuration:

  • Ensure .env file is correctly configured.
  • Clear configuration cache after changes: php artisan config:cache.

7. HTTP Requests:

  • Inspect incoming request data:

8. Routing:

  • Check route definitions in routes/web.php:

9. Session/Cookies:

  • Clear session cache:
php artisan session:clear

10. Server Configuration:

  • Verify server configurations.

11. Testing:

  • Run tests using PHPUnit:
php artisan test

12. Laravel Telescope:

  • Install Laravel Telescope:
composer require laravel/telescope --dev
php artisan telescope:install

13. Third-party Packages:

  • Check for updates and documentation of third-party packages.
  • Verify compatibility with the Laravel version.

14. Laravel Horizon (Queue Issues):

  • Monitor queues using Laravel Horizon.
  • Check if your queue workers are running: php artisan queue:work.
php artisan horizon

15. Laravel Dusk (Browser Testing):

  • Run Dusk tests:
php artisan dusk

16. Server Logs:

  • Check server logs for additional issues.

17. Deployment Checklist:

  • Ensure correct file permissions, set the environment, clear caches, run migrations and seeders.

18. Security:

  • Regularly update Laravel and dependencies.
  • Follow Laravel security best practices.

19. Laravel Telescope:

  • Use Laravel Telescope for application debugging and monitoring.

20. Monitoring and Logging:

  • Implement monitoring tools and log aggregation systems.
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