Laravel implement monitoring tools and log aggregation systems.

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For effective application management and troubleshooting, log aggregation systems and monitoring tools must be implemented. The general procedures and suggestions for configuring log aggregation and monitoring in a Laravel application are listed below:

1. Monitoring Tools:

  • Prometheus: A widely used open-source monitoring system.
  • Install Prometheus and Grafana:
  • Configure Prometheus to scrape Laravel metrics.
  • New Relic:
    • Sign up for a New Relic account and follow the installation instructions for Laravel.
  • Datadog:
    • Sign up for a Datadog account and configure the Laravel integration.

2. Log Aggregation Systems:

  • ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana):
    • Install and configure the ELK Stack.
  • Papertrail:
    • Sign up for a Papertrail account and follow the Laravel integration guide.
  • Loggly:
    • Sign up for a Loggly account and configure Laravel logging.
  • Fluentd:
    • Set up Fluentd as a log forwarder.

3. Laravel Logging Configuration:

  • Laravel’s default logging is configured in config/logging.php.
  • Update the configuration to use the desired logging channels (daily, syslog, stack, etc.).
  • Example using the daily channel with the stack:

4. Custom Laravel Log Channels:

  • Create custom log channels for specific purposes.
  • Example for creating a slack channel:

5. Log Level and Environment:

  • Set log levels appropriately for different environments (local, production).
  • Adjust APP_DEBUG and APP_LOG_LEVEL in the .env file

6. Alerting:

  • Configure alerting for critical logs or events.
  • Laravel’s built-in event notifications can be used for alerting:

7. Monitoring Laravel Queues:

  • Using tools such as Laravel Horizon or queue-related metrics in monitoring systems, keep an eye on Laravel queues.

8. Documentation and Resources:

  • For comprehensive setup and usage instructions, go to the documentation provided by both Laravel and the selected monitoring tools.
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